51 Rolleston is the eye of the storm. Situated in a location notorious for poverty and theft, 51 Rolleston somehow feels partially elevated from the muck and mire that is the darker side of our fine city... Possibly because it is up some stairs. If you do want a bit of the storm then you may have to look elsewhere potentially but the calm within the eye can be a good time too if you enjoy a bit of of just general. If you're a lover of sport then to you 51 Rolleston could be a haven made in heaven, depending on which Premier League football team you support. There will usually be some form of sport on the box - be it football, darts, baseball, rugby, LoL or just whatever's going really. One thing is for sure... The arrows are always flying, so watch your step and step up or prepare to lose diamonds.

Food options in the area are few and far between. Jala's Store is right on the corner but options there are limited. Pizza hut and Countdown are a good 12-14 minute walk. The Supreme Store a few minutes up the road boasts an enormous range of $1 cans including many flavours of Cheers soda... It's a nice1.