The 2015 Valley FC season is the club's fourth season since its establishment in 2012. The 2015 season is also the first time that the Valley are fielding 2 teams. The Valley FC X1s currently compete in the Wellington Sunday Football League Division 1, while Valley FC Trust compete in the Wellington Sunday Football League Division 3.

Notable Matches Edit

Valley FC Trust 3-4 Away Victory Versus Porirua Slayers Edit

The match was billed by the Wellington Sunday Football League as a probable draw. This bold and slightly biased towards Porirua prediction was not far off. After conceding 2 scrappy goals in the first half and ruing many missed opportunities, Valley heads did not drop... The dropping of heads is not in the club's nature. Valley soldiered on and mid-way through the second half and after pounding shots high, shots wide and probably even shots sideways, the breakthrough finally came. 3 quick goals in a matter of minutes from the Kotrotsos brothers (Jonathan 2 and Demetre 1) flipped the game on it's head and put Valley in poll position for the 3 points. With only 3 minutes to go however, Porirua blasted in a top corner screamer from outside the box that leveled the score near the death. A last ditch corner by Valley deep in the 90th fell for young Conor Lay, who blasted the ball at goal. Lay's effort was met by a solid Porirua defender's hand inside the box, giving Valley a penalty opportunity that could seal the match. Hensel Singh asked to be the man in which Valley would trust and was given the spot kick. He buried the ball bottom left and the final whistle blew, giving Valley a well deserved 3-4 victory. The fans went nuts.

Squads Edit

Valley FC X1sEdit

Squad Number Position Name
1 GK Ahmad Refae
2 MF Jamie Wardrop
3 DF Mathijs Weerink
5 MF Thomas Weddell
8 DF Nikolai Solakof
9 MF Carmen Harji
10 MF Theo Sekeris
11 MF Frederick Edward Broster-Turley
14 FW Thomas Brady
15 FW Cameron Poole Smith (c)
17 FW Scott Petty
20 DF Craig Marsh
22 FW Umar Green
23 MF Bryan Ku Wei Jiat
26 FW Hin Siang Tay
33 DF Tim Smith
50 DF Michael Janssen
69 DF Josh Muollo

Valley FC TrustEdit

Squad Number Position Name
4 FW Ryan Olsen
13 MF Isaac Barnett
16 FW Peter Barbarouses
18 MF Thomas Barclay (c)
19 MF Mihali Katsougiannis
21 FW Jonathan Kotrotsos (vc)
24 DF Friedrich Heng
25 FW Hensel Singh
28 MF Conor Lay
30 MF Costa Kalliabetsos
32 DF George Barbarouses
37 DF Steven Petris
42 MF Nicholas Barclay
57 DF Stephen Gillam
66 DF Panayiotis Matsis
86 MF Dimitri Poulopoulos
92 FW Demetre Kotrotsos
- GK Bob Anderson


Valley FC X1sEdit

# Name Goals
1 Jamie Wardrop 3
2 Theo Sekeris 2(4)
2 Hin Siang Tay 2
2 Scott Petty 2
2 Thomas Brady 2
6 Freddie Broster-Turley 1
6 Umar Green 1

Valley FC TrustEdit

# Name Goals
1 Jonathan Kotrotsos 14
2 Demetre Kotrotsos 11
3 Isaac Barnett 3
3 Dimitri Poulopoulos 3
3 Hensel Singh 3
3 Peter Barbarouses 3
7 Theo Sekeris 2(4)
7 Mihali Katsougiannis 2
9 Thomas Barclay 1
9 George Barbarouses 1
9 Janek Chmielewski 1
9 Kerryn Friday 1

Note: () indicates the total number of goals scored for Valley this season if the player has scored for both teams.


Valley FC X1sEdit

Name Yellow Cards Double Yellow Cards Red Cards
Nikolai Solakof 0 0 1
Theo Sekeris 1 0 0

Valley FC TrustEdit

Name Yellow Cards Double Yellow Cards Red Cards